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iLEAD Global Training Center blends
theoretical training with hands on practical
experience to give students a distinct edge
in the job market.


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About Us

We are an organization that offers progressive transformation processes centered on various objectives (Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Personal Development). We ensure measurable success of the persons and organizations through continuous coaching.

Our Mission

Our mission is to uplift every individual seeking to develop new skills and build a career

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ILEAD stands for International Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Personal Development.
From Management to Operational and Technical Courses, we empower individuals at all levels to successfully navigate the unique challenges they face. With more than 500+ training courses across 40+ topics, we will provide you with the skills and competencies needed to thrive in tomorrow’s world, today.

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With overe 2,000 courses to be learned

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Become certified as you aquire professional skills under the iLEAD Global curriculum

Flexible learning environment

ILEAD offers a flexible learning environment with experienced goal professionals.

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Meet The Founder

Raphael Djine

Business & Life Intervention Coach - Founder of iLead Global Training Center

ILEAD GLOBAL was founded by Coach RAPHAEL DJINE having being mentored by John Maxwell, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor and Myles Munroe. He combines the teachings of these and coaching programs. He has a goal to change the lives of 2 Billion people around the world by the year 2040.

iLEAD Global Training Center is founded with the objective of developing a new generation of professionally trained multi-tasking personnel to cater to the local Industry needs. Besides specialized programs, the Training Center also conducts various short terms professional and customized courses to meet individual and organization needs. iLEAD Global Training Center blends theoretical training with hands-on practical experience to give students a distinct edge in the job market. Our programs aim to develop readily employable manpower with an
emphasis on knowledge, skill, communication, and personal and professional development. The Training Center lays great emphasis on the placements of its students in the Industry.

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