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iLead Global Training Center

iLEAD Global Training Center is founded with the objective of developing a new generation of professionally trained multi-tasking personnel to cater to the local Industry needs. Besides specialized programs, the Training Center also conducts various short terms professional and customized courses to meet individual and organization needs.

iLEAD Global Training Center blends theoretical training with hands-on practical experience to give students a distinct edge in the job market. Our programs aim to develop readily employable manpower with an emphasis on knowledge, skill, communication, and personal and professional development. The Training Center lays great emphasis on the placements of its students in the Industry.

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About Us

We are an organization that offers progressive transformation processes centered on various objectives (Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Personal Development). We ensure measurable success of the persons and organizations through continuous coaching.

Our Mission

Our mission is to uplift every individual seeking to develop new skills and build a career

Our Differentiating Features

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Training Center

For an optimistic vision of the future of jobs in Sub-Saharan Africa to become a reality, iLEAD Global training center not only provides services to develop the skills needed today, but also to start building the skills needed to successfully leverage the technological advances of tomorrow. To develop this pipeline of future skills, iLEAD Global training center begin by encouraging critical thinking, creativity, cognitive flexibility and emotional intelligence, as opposed to conventional learning, to match the way people will increasingly work and collaborate in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.